Company Profiles

Smart Technology (China) Ltd is a professional manufacture Group.We founded in 1990, nearly 30 years of development, now we have 6 factories to work together ,to provide metal,plastics,electronics and solution services for globle customers.Customers custom  for different cost requirements and production quantity...SMART will arrange suitable manufacturers to complete client's orders with good quality and punctual leadtime. Years of cooperative experiences have attested that strict quality administration,skillful technology,abundant experiences,IT communication...make great successes in fields. SMART now is trying her best to bring your most satisfactory today and in future, we sincerely hope SMART can be your excellent partner in your way to bilateral victories.

We focus on high precision  die casting,CNC,stamping,bending,punching,Plastic & metal Molds design,PCB/PCBA ,prototype,3D printing, and new products developing, as well as custom injection molding R&D development new project

Our Facilities:

We own 6 facturies  to work together in Shenzhen China, respectively focuses on high precision PCB/PCBA,prototypes,molds and large size molds.Since established in 1995, we have been developing very fast, business expands rapidly due to quality products and serves, At present, SmartTech has covers an area of 80000m2 in total and owns 1500 employees including 200 engineers, 400molds makers,300 QC personnel and many injection operators.

Our capabilities
We can offer one-stop R&D services from engineering design,prototype,CNC maching/lathe,Plastic Mold,Metal Mold,Die Casting,Silicon Mould,Stamping,Bending,Extrusion, tooling , to custom injection molding, and assembly etc.

Design for manufacturability and efficient production is our primary objective. The mold drawings can be finished within 2-4 days then send to customer for checking before start tooling. We are able to meet our customers' shortened lead time. All the necessary technical drawings will be sent to customers for future mold maintenance references.Our high speed milling machine, EDM, WEDM and CMM optimize our tooling process and improve accuracy and efficiency of our mold to ensure customers can get quality product.Our expertise in tooling leads to better results in molding. We have 1000 injection machines for mold trial, mold validation and custom production.

We have enough experience working with materials such as: LDPE, HDPE, PP, ABS, PC, PS, PVC, PA, PMMA, POM, TPU, TPR, TPE ETCS,stainless steel, aluminum and copper,etc
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