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Utilizing the latest technology, we have the ability to meet our customers' various needs and offer our customers the best quality PCB,PCBA&PCB Aassembly.            

Our PCB got UL,SGS,ISO9002,RoHS,QS9000 and TS16949 certificates,and are used to a wide range of fields such as computers, digital products,medical equipment, automobiles, communication devices, military,  industrial control and aviation.

        We are honored as the excellent supplier of many companies all around this world.

        Make our customers satisfaction is our constantly pursuit !

Test Equipment and Facilities

3D solder paste detector

3D solder paste detector

Density of component assembly with SMT PCBA assembly components are getting smaller and smaller, more and more, the solder becomes increasingly small. 70% of defects in soldered circuit board from the solder paste printing process control is not good enough. The paste thickness measuring machine can be efficiently found in the printing process the potential adverse provide effective SPC process control data, so that the final adverse greatly reduced.

The paste thickness measurement machine in RAYSUN also be less than 10mm height objects or parts precision non-contact measurement, measure the length and breadth, geometry, such as arcs, angles, parallel lines, area, volume, etc.. The measurement precision parts, biological result of the analysis, such as precision machinery industry agglomerates geometry.

SMT X-RAY detection system

X-Ray & In-circuit-Test

  • Basic configuration and parameters:
  • Geometric magnification of 2800 times, a total of 10,000 times magnification;
  • Detection area of 310mmx310mm, maximum Hinata size 550mmx440m;
  • Optional multi-focus X-ray tube, providing micro-focus, nano-focus and high power modes;
  • Details of the resolving power of <500nm;
  • 16 real-time image processing system;
  • CNC controlled X-ray device, the mechanical motion systems and image processing system;
  • Optional BGA and SMT automatic analysis software, voids computer software, automatic defect recognition software (ADR), and AVI video recording;

AOI detector


        Technical parameters:

  1. Check the PCB size: 50 × 50 mm to 510 × 460mm
  2. Allow parameters: Diban above: 20mm (standard) or 40mm (option) / bottom plate below the location of the camera: 40mm
  3. Images resolution of 10μm, 15μm, 20μm
  4. Check the project: whether the solder, solder too much, too little solder, bridging, tilt, missing parts
  5. Check number: up to 10,000 components / substrate
  6. Standard inspection Time: 250ms / field of view (10mm angle of vision, an image moves)
  7. Means of communication: Ethernet, RS232C
  8. Substrate transport processes: through or return

 ICT test system

ICT test system is suitable for testing the vast majority of single-sided SMT or mixed circuit board. Sided set pin and an optional power-functional testing capability is ideal for testing of low-frequency analog components and digital components. And

ICT test system can test assembly quality and individual components, without power. Using state-of-the-art measurement techniques, such as DC or complex impedance measurement with multi isolation technology, the test system can measure the short circuit, open circuit, the wrong parts or missing parts, which you can check the power of the board to the main error in order to avoid damage to the circuit board other components (such as chips); error message at the same time, in the maintenance is very convenient to find the error components and replacement or repair.

3D video microscope

3D microscope observation components, the semiconductor industry, chip inspection for SMT&PCBA, can also be widely used in the detection and analysis of precision machinery, molds, biology, materials, and other industries, the top and around the full range of observed objects.

The 3D microscope using a group of precision of the reflecting mirror around the objects to be observed rotation, to a stable and clear the object 3D image can be observed through a microscope zoom. Can adjust the speed of rotation, brightness of illumination, direction of rotation, the stop / rotation. Flexible configuration to meet the inspection from the operator to the engineers to analyze the various a variety of configurations, from low-end to high-end program.

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