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Plastic is used for many many different applications and is a truly unique material that has a great deal of benefits over alternatives such as steel. Most of the benefits are clear but due to the technology that is now being applied to plastic polymer we now make many different components from plastic that wouldn’t have been dreamt of 20 years ago.

What is Injection Moulding?IMG_3275-500x375

Injection moulding is a process that utilises specially manufactured machinery to inject molten plastic into the mould tooling. This then solidifies to form the desired component. The injection pressures involved can be huge (approximately 130 bar) and the clamping forces also have to be huge to cope. Ledwell has machinery that can clamp to 440 tonnes to put that into a visual context a double decker bus weighs in at approximately 7 tonnes unladen so you’d need over 62 to hold some of our mould tooling shut during production!


Having spent many years producing components for many different sectors in hundreds of grades and types of plastic material we have gained an in depth knowledge of what actually works for  specific applications. Ledwell also benefits from expert guidance from our material suppliers, so if we can’t help we know a man who can.

How big or how small?

Having a wide range of clamping forces allows us to be flexible on sizes of components we can produce. We can mould parts weighing 1 gram up to 1.5 kilo. To give you an idea of the largest moulding we have produced to date our own Sledge measures 900mm long x 450mm wide x 90mm deep.

Plant list

  • 60 ton x50
  • 95 ton x 60
  • 135 ton x 70
  • 200 ton x 80
  • 250 ton x 90
  • 380 ton x 100
  • 440 ton x 100
  • 800tonX80
  • 1500tonX90
  • 2600tonX60
  • 3200tonX50

    We own plastic injection machines with clamping forces ranging from 68 tons to 650tons. With years of experience our injection molding masters control well in temperature, injection pressure and speed according to part’s plastic resin and mould condition.

    Our plastic injection molding capability serves a wide range of markets:

    ♦         Molds of Medical Devices
    ♦         Injection Moulds for Laboratory Disposables
    ♦         Automotive Parts Molds
    ♦         Plastic Molds of Electronics and Electrical Accessories
    ♦         Plastic Household Products Molds
    ♦         Packing and Material Handling Products Molds Tooling
    ♦         Multi-cavity Molds for Screw Caps
    ♦         Plastic Toys Molds
    Parts material can be ABS, Nylon, PP, PC, PVC, PE, POM, PMMA, and PTFE etc.
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